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Terms and Conditions
Returned Material Authorization

Advance notification of returns is required in the processing of customer returned material. Failure to obtain a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to shipping will result in delay with the processing of your parts. If you will fill out the following information, an RMA number will be issued to you.

Please record RMA number clearly on the outside of all packaging, on face of the packing slip and any other paperwork being returned with the shipment. Ship to Teledyne Reynolds Repair Depot, 19735 Dearborn St., Chatsworth, CA 91311

To further aid Teledyne Reynolds in the proper evaluation and repair of your goods as well as to expedite the repair process, please fill out the following information as completely as possible:

Note: All fields marked with as asterisk ("*") are required.
Requestor Information:
Part #:   *
Serial #:   *
Shipping Info:   *
Billing Info:   *
Purchase Order#: 
Name of Cardholder: 
Phone#:   *
Email:   *
(We will contact you directly to obtain the necessary card information)
Reason for Return:  Physical Damage    Electrical Damage     *
Please identify any and all problems associated with the part to aid in the evaluation process (i.e. circuit #, etc.):
Please identify any and all activities you performed to remedy/test the part.
Confirmation:   Validation Enter Confirmation Code:   *
With all returns, Teledyne Reynolds wishes to return to you a repaired, fully functional component as quickly as possible, however, to ensure the completeness of this, please allow two weeks for notification of the status of each part.

Following evaluation, you will receive a status report on each part stating the nature of the repair, the repair cost and the expected lead time for the repair. At such time, authorization to proceed will be requested. We reserve the right to charge a minimum $450.3 evaluation fee for any non-warranty return which will be applied to repair costs if repair is done.

Upon completion of the repair, the part will be shipped and notification will be sent to the point of contact. A copy of the invoice will be forwarded to the cardholder and/or sent on to the bill to address.


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