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Reynolds Industries is known worldwide for continuously improving the performance level of high voltage connectors for more than 50 years. Reynolds leads the connector industry in the design and manufacture of connectors capable of operating reliably at altitudes up to 70,000 feet while exposed to temperatures as low as -55°C and up to +125°C. This high voltage expertise has been combined with our fiber optic capability to provide innovative, custom designed, fiber optic/high voltage/ hybrid connectors.

A photo showing 20 circuits in a Mil-C-38999 connector shell. Combining low voltage, high voltage and a single mode fiber optic line in one connector, provides the system designer a wide range of highly reliable interconnection options.

Depicted at the right is a hybrid harness incorporating fiber optic, high voltage and low voltage leads. Reynolds is experienced in providing solutions for abrasion protection, mechanical stress on fiber optics and mechanical, fiber optic and electrical testing. Reynolds also has a strong background in EMI/EMC shielding.

Shown is a pylon/stores release connector featuring 5 single mode fiber optic termini and peripheral low voltage contacts.
A blindmate connector that connects single mode optical fiber, signal voltage and high voltage to an expendable decoy.

Reynolds Industries facilities include a dedicated “white room” for fiber optic termination and test.

The use of an automated fiber optic
cable coating stripper results in precise strip lengths without fiber nicks.

Most fiber optic connectors are crimp type for optimum strain relief. Terminus and connector designs protect fiber from crimp forces.
The use of active alignment on selected single mode pilzferrule termini and connectors provides for precise core alignment with less than 0.5 dB insertion loss.

The use of an automated polishing machine, together with precise polishing adapters, films and solutions, provides repeatable endface profiles resulting in minimum attenuation due to poor endface geometry.

Modularized test equipment allows for custom test setups at various wavelengths with maximum resolution and dynamic range. Unique Return Loss (back reflection) instrumtation allows for return loss measurements of connections with short length cables or ones containing low bend loss fibers.
The use of a computerized interferometer allows for inspection and verification of endface geometry in accordance with Telecordia (Bellcore) GR-326 requirements.

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