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Technical Discussion
A discussion centered around the Advanced interface sealing system and the Advanced group of connectors. A brief history of the evolution in the design of high voltage connectors is presented.

JR Series
A junior version of the Pee-Wee series of high voltage connectors and cable assemblies. Although micro-miniature in size, this series of connectors and cable assemblies will operate at voltages up to 6 KVDC at 70,000 feet altitude over a temperature range of -55 to +125° C.

Pee-Wee Series
A series of subminiature high voltage connectors and cable assemblies for the Aerospace/Defense Industry. These connectors will operate at voltages up to 12 KVDC at 70,000 feet altitude over a temperature range of -55 to +125° C. Single and multi-pin versions are available. Ceramic receptacles are also available for applications where a hermetic seal is required.

Magnum Series
Magnum is a series of quality directed, multi-pin high voltage connectors and cable assemblies. These connectors provide a large number of design solutions because they are a mechanically built-up assembly of pre-tested piece parts, as contrasted to a one piece, encapsulated, molded-in-place cable assembly. The Magnum series features stainless steel shells, a unique bayonet coupling and a range of receptacles that includes a hermetic ceramic version.

Magnum+Plus Series
This series is the same as the Magnum series with the exception that 3 of the 6 pins have slightly larger seals which enables the 3 larger pins to be rated at 14 KVDC.

Century Series
This series of single pin connectors and cable assemblies is slightly larger than the Pee-Wee series, has a higher voltage rating and is more rugged. The receptacles are available in both plastic and high alumina ceramic versions.

Century+Plus Series
A slightly larger version of the Century series with a higher voltage rating.

Maxxum Series
These connectors and cable assemblies have the second highest voltage rating of any of the Advanced group of connectors. They are mainly used on ECM and Radar systems to connect the collector element of high power TWT’s to a high voltage power supply. Ceramic receptacles are available for applications requiring a hermetic seal.

Max Series
A series of anode lead assemblies and receptacles designed specifically to interconnect cathode ray tube anodes to high voltage power supplies in airborne avionics suites of both military and commercial aircraft.

Avvion Series
CRT Gun End Connectors
A series of multi-pin cable assemblies that permit easy mating & unmating to the gun end of a cathode ray tube without potting or encapsulation. The connector interface provides high voltage sealing for the focus element and low voltage pins for the elements typical of the cathode, grid and heater. Designed for the avionics suites of high performance military and commercial aircraft.

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