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A High Voltage Capability for Subminiature-D Connectors

HI/Mate-D high voltage lead assemblies are rated @ 13.5 KVDC and can be fitted into a Sub-D No. 8 gauge insert cavity. The assemblies are ideal for airborne applications up to 70,000 feet altitude over a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. HI/Mate-D is fully compatible with signal lines in the same Sub-D connector.

HI/Mate-D high voltage lead assemblies, shown enlarged above left, are tested and ready to install into the No. 8 gauge cavity of a Subminiature-D connector.

These lead assemblies are, in actuality, high voltage connectors and do not rely on the dielectric strength of the Sub-D insulator. The insert serves only to hold and retain the HI/Mate-D lead assembly. No adhesives, potting or bonding are required.

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