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Los Angeles Division - Connector & Cable Products

Aerospace/ Defense quality wire and cable for high voltage applications
Single-pin, high voltage connectors and cable assemblies for Space, Aerospace, Defense and Industrial applications
Multi-pin, high voltage connectors and cable assemblies for Space, Aerospace, Defense and industrial applications

Teledyne Reynold’s SQ Series of high voltage connectors and cable assemblies specifically qualified and manufactured for Space use Hybrid cable assemblies with high voltage, fiber optic, low voltage and high current contacts
Los Angeles Division - Electro-Ceramic Products

Ceramic-to-Metal high voltage connectors and feedthroughs.

High voltage mica capacitors featuring high reliability and mechanical durability

Ceramic-to-Metal brazed spark gaps (Gas Discharge Tubes) for transient protection of electrical circuits

A Technical Handbook for the designer of Transient Protection Systems and applications requiring Gas Discharge Tube (spark gap). Included are Product Descriptions, Specifications and Part Numbers.

A product range of high voltage multipliers using high voltage mica capacitors for added stability. With output voltages ranging from 3 KVDC to 80 kVDC, these voltage multipliers are widely used on airborne cockpit display systems (CRT's), baggage X-Ray Systems, low power (mini) TWT's and Plasma Etching systems.

Teledyne Reynolds, Incorporated
International Manufacturing Subsidiaries

Teledyne Reynolds Limited
Newbury, England

Teledyne Reynolds Limited has production facilities in Newbury, England and Cwmbran, Wales and is a leading European manufacturer of High Voltage components and sub-assemblies for Military and Industrial applications. The company also has a Microwave Division producing Flexible and Semi-Rigid cable assemblies and a range of Microwave switching networks for the Telecoms and Military markets.


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